I have received quotes from a couple contractors, why are the prices so different?

This is something we hear a lot. Basically, every contractor builds differently, uses different vendors, has different overhead costs, etc. We at EMK Construction are proud to say that we strive to exceed building code minimums, to ensure you have a sturdy, safe, and energy-efficient structure. We also make sure that EVERYTHING is included in our price, including plans, labor, materials, landscaping and anything else that should be included, there are no hidden costs. If you are talking to a few different contractors, make sure you ask if there will be any additional costs as the job goes on. When looking at quotes, make sure you are comparing “apples to apples”, and the specs are the same. You also want to make sure your contractor is licensed and insured.

Do you offer a warranty?

Even though it’s not required by North Carolina, we do offer a one (1) year warranty on all labor and materials. After the year is up, each item is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which varies.

After we sign a contract with you, how soon will work begin?

We can typically begin work within 2-3 weeks after signing a contract. This is usually due to town/county permitting requirements.

What is your square foot price?

We don’t have one. Each job and jobsite is unique, therefore we cannot give you a price per square foot. We are truly a custom builder.

What do you specialize in?

We specialize in all residential building and remodeling. We give the same attention to detail in a deck we’re building as we do in a custom home, and everything in between. This is something we are very proud of. No job is too big or too small! Some of the many projects we’ve done are kitchen and bathroom remodels, screened in porches, decks, detached garages, outdoor living spaces, and additions.

Should I have all the building plans for the project ready before the initial meeting?

No, this is not necessary. Elliot can discuss your needs, budget, and if what you want done is structurally possible without the plans there. Once that is done, he can help you finalize the plans for a more concrete price.

Do you charge for estimates?

No we do not. We feel that coming out to talk to the customer and looking at the project is a courtesy to the customer that they should not have to pay for.

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